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Klark Teknik DN200 Active Stereo DI Box

Active Stereo DI Box with Extended Dynamic Range and Sum/Split Options
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Active Stereo DI Box with Extended Dynamic Range and Sum/Split Options
The DN200 offers exceptional high headroom, dynamic response and sonic clarity, with the added convenience of two stereo channels in a compact and durable enclosure. DN200 is ideal for interfacing computers, keyboards, samplers and other electronic musical instruments to mixing consoles, and faithfully reproduces the character of electric and acoustic instruments, allowing far more of the detail of musical performances to be captured. DN200 is intended for professional applications where +48 V phantom power is a standard feature on all mixing consoles, and its innovative design results in a significantly higher clipping point than many other active DI Boxes, providing +10 dBu output into a 2 kΩ load. This increased headroom means that much higher level input signals can be accommodated without the need for an attenuating pad. Combined with a very low noise input circuit topology, DN200 offers a very wide dynamic range and only requires a single -20 dB pad, which is optimised for use with electronic musical instruments.
DN200 is built to handle the rigours of life on the road, a thick aluminium extrusion protects the electronics, and in turn is covered by a tough silicone rubber sleeve.

Input Summing and Output Splitting
DN200 offers two flexible signal routing options, in Sum mode both inputs are summed at -6 dB to maintain the overall signal level and are routed to the left output. In Split mode, the left input is routed to both outputs at unity gain. Both option switches include LEDs for clear indication of signal routing.

Dual-Impedance Inputs
A custom instrumentation-grade input circuit was designed for the DN200 using advanced analogue design techniques to create the very high input impedance required by passive guitar and bass pickups, whilst keeping the actual component values low to minimise noise. This innovative approach to circuit design produces a very low noise floor, which combined with the high clipping point creates an unrivalled dynamic range in a +48 V phantom powered DI Box.

• High headroom design with +48 V phantom power for extended dynamic range
• Sum and split options for flexible signal routing
• Fully transformer-isolated design ensures electrical separation between PA and stage equipment
• Balanced line inputs on Neutrik Combo XLR and high impedance 1/4" TRS connectors
• RCA Phono inputs for connection of consumer audio equipment
• Independent phantom powering for each channel for maximum reliability
• Global 20 dB input pad and earth lift switches
• Compact and durable aluminum extrusion casing with protective silicone rubber sleeve

Type: Active electronic, balanced or unbalanced
Impedance: 1 x MΩ nominal, balanced or unbalanced (.25" TRS connectors), 20 kΩ (XLR input, RCA Phono input)
Connectors: 2 x Neutrik Combo XLR/.25" TRS input connectors with parallel linked RCA, Phono input connectors and .25" TRS linked outputs connectors
Maxmum level: +30 dBu (with pad enabled)
Attenuator: 20 dB pad
Type: Transformer balanced
Impedance: 75 Ω
Connector: 3 pin XLR
Max. Level: +10 dBu with load >2 kΩ
Min. load: 600 Ω
Noise: -100 dBu, 20 Hz to 20 kHz unweighted, with input terminated by 10 kΩ resistor
Frequency response: +0.5/-1 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Distortion (THD+N): < 0.01% @ 1 kHz, +4 dBu
Power Requirement
Voltage: +48 V Phantom
Current consumption: < 20 mA (Both channels)
Brand Klark Teknik
Model DN200
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